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Who We Are

Trachte is the technical leader in providing state-of-the-art environments & protection for your investments in high-tech equipment and systems. There is no other company in the industry with Trachte’s experience in prefabricated structures. Trachte has been a recognized leader in steel buildings since 1919.

Trachte's success is based on continuous technological advancement, quality improvement and mutually beneficial relationships and strategic partnerships with end users, consulting engineers, contractors, OEMs and value-added resellers. A large percentage of Trachte's growth comes from repeat customers. Many indicate that the reason they return is due to unsurpassed product quality and overall satisfaction.

Trachte operates manufacturing facilities in Oregon, WI & Eastanollee, GA

Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis in a TRACHTE® Building, August 22, 1927

Modern day TRACHTE® Electric Utility Control House


Trachte provides the world’s premier innovative engineered solutions. By investing unparalleled resources, we create a results focused, urgency driven, highly accountable environment, yielding unmatched products and services to protect the global infrastructure.


To be the investment of choice for our employees, customers, partners, and suppliers for the global engineered structure solutions and services markets.


Integrity – We have the courage to be respectfully honest, even when faced with adversity and we do the right thing.
Accountability – We do what we say we will do.
Excellence – We are relentless in the pursuit of ambitious goals and are constantly raising the bar, to exceed customer expectations.
Respect – We act in a professional manner and treat others with dignity and honor.
Teamwork - We work together to achieve common goals with open communication and a genuine willingness to help each other be successful.

Social Responsibilities

Trachte is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees and the general public as it relates to our products and services. Trachte acknowledges and accepts this responsibility, because to not strive for the safest possible working conditions is morally wrong and humanely irresponsible. Additionally, a safe work environment promotes a better and more cost effective way to produce our products or services.

Trachte considers no phase of operation or administration to be of greater importance than accident prevention. It is the policy, therefore, to provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions and to follow operating practices that will safeguard all individuals.

All levels of the organization have a primary responsibility for the safety and well-being of each other. This responsibility can be met only by working continually to promote safe work practices and maintaining property and equipment in safe operating condition. Managers and Supervisors are essential to the success of the safety program, because they oversee and direct others. No Manager or Supervisor may ever be relieved of any part of their responsibility for safety.

Trachte is committed to achieving long-term customer satisfaction by providing high quality prefabricated structures with exemplary service. This commitment means we will:

  • Meet or exceed customer expectations and relevant requirements.
  • Achieve continual improvement of our operations and performance.
  • Establish strategic objectives that are continually reviewed for suitability.
  • Train our personnel so that they are able to better serve our customers while creating an environment that supports individual and team growth to maximize employee retention.

Trachte is committed to producing products that meet or exceed customer expectations while operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Trachte’s Management Team is committed to implementing an effective environmental management system designed to accomplish our strategic objectives while fulfilling our responsibility as a good industrial neighbor at all production locations. This commitment means we will:

  • Conduct business so that environmental challenges are managed as part of current and changing business strategies.
  • Promote employee participation in evaluating the environmental impact of activities that we perform and using this information to implement methods to control and improve them.
  • Communicate environmental issues throughout the company.
  • Comply with all Federal, State and local environmental laws, while also meeting our own environmental commitments.
  • Promote pollution prevention.
  • Continually improve the environmental management system.

Trachte recognizes supporting diversity and inclusion is an essential aspect of our business. As we continue to grow, we are committed to doing our part to ensure that diverse businesses are a part of the mainstream of our company. By creating sound relationships with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers; we strengthen economic development, while providing value-added products and services.

We value diversity in our workplace and embrace the cultural variances in our global community. This includes persons of varying race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or any other discriminatory basis prohibited by applicable local, state and federal law.