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Trachte is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated steel substation control buildings and electrical equipment enclosures for utility, renewable energy, data centers, and industrial applications.

Trachte's state-of-the-art design, engineering, and materials provide exceptional protection, energy efficiency, quality and convenience for highly technical customers and applications.

Trachte's project management, manufacturing, field installation, service and support provide unmatched customer satisfaction.

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Our Markets

Trachte serves customers across different industries all with one common goal—safe, protected equipment.

Our Products

When protecting valuable equipment, one size doesn’t fit all. Trachte offers a variety of prefabricated, modular steel buildings that are designed and built to serve your needs, no one else's.


Trachte preassembled buildings are modular, custom engineered, and factory built. Preassembled buildings are available with a steel floor or no floor and can be installed on a variety of foundation types including a concrete slab, concrete piers, a knee wall, and steel platforms. We can enhance any preassembled Trachte building with add-on features including ballistics protection, EMP hardened technology, and fire-resistant materials. All preassembled buildings are backed by a full two-year warranty, with extended five, ten, and twenty-year warranties available, giving you engineering peace of mind.


At Trachte, your building is preassembled, not prepackaged. We custom engineer E-houses, hyperscale data centers, and Power Distribution Centers (PDC). Our integrated equipment packages combine factory-installed electrical equipment with customer-provided equipment including relay panels, switchgear, and motor control centers. Integration packages can also include building management systems (BMS), human machine interface (HMI), biometrics, and battery backup equipment. The benefits of a Trachte integrated building package are custom engineering, quality, scheduling, and project management.

Site Built

T-RAMS (Trachte – Rapid Assembly Modular System) panelized buildings are field assembled, pre-engineered, all-steel buildings designed to house and protect, high-value, environmentally-sensitive electrical and mechanical equipment, and systems. T-RAMS panelized buildings are ideally suited for remote locations, difficult-to-access sites, interior or underground applications, platform/mezzanine mounting, and other locations or applications that are unsuitable for a preassembled modular building.

Building Customization

Trachte is more than just a metal building. We customize each building to your specifications and can accommodate non-standard building dimensions, taller ceilings, and a variety of roof designs. Choose from optional add-on features including ballistics protection, EMP hardened technology, and fire-resistant materials. We also offer additional structural and electrical features such as upgraded doors, partition walls, and additional AC/DC equipment.

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