Substation buildings are critical components of the transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure. They facilitate voltage conversion, load distribution, protection, control, voltage regulation, and switching operations, ensuring the reliable and efficient supply of electricity to consumers.

Trachte® specializes in T&D substation building applications for electrical utilities, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms, contractors, control panel & equipment manufacturers & integrators.

The majority of Trachte buildings have the house electrical and mechanical equipment pre-installed and tested, prior to shipping, for incredible project management, schedule efficiency, and quality control.


  • Control House
  • Relay/Protection
  • Station Service Battery Buildings
  • Switchgear, PDC, E-House
  • Integrated Packages
  • Utility Scale Energy Storage Batteries, BESS
  • Security Systems
  • Metering


Benefits of Trachte prefabricated, expandable, T&D substation buildings include lower engineering and procurement costs, factory manufacturing & assembly with state-of-the-art precision and quality control, standardized specifications and designs, accelerated project schedules, accurate delivery & completion dates, and minimal on-site construction time in hazardous substation environments, reducing the chance of accidents, and safety violations. Minimum time on site also reduces the requirements and expenses of security oversight.