Trachte® offers a range of security options, which are designed to protect critical equipment and personnel from potential security threats.

UL-rated bullet-resistant materials can be added to Trachte’s structural-steel framework while maintaining energy efficiency, thermal performance, and resistance to water intrusions.

Ballistics protection up to UL 752 Level-8 can be applied to:

  • Exterior walls
  • Doors and Hardware
  • Building Penetrations
Person insulating walls

Ballistics-protected Facilities feature:

  • Same dimensions, appearance, and structural properties as a standard Trachte building.
  • Same interior and exterior materials and finish options.
  • Ballistics protection is invisible from the interior or exterior.

Optional Security Products:

  • EMP Hardening
  • Specialty security door designs and hardware.
  • Electric door strikes and door alarms.
  • Interior occupancy sensors and exterior motion lighting.
  • Provisions for customer-supplied security, camera, and card reader systems.

Questions on our security options?

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