Trachte® prefabricated buildings are specifically designed and engineered to have maximum energy efficiency and superior resistance to leaks. Trachte utilizes the most up-to-date construction technology, materials, components, coatings, and assembly processes to achieve renowned weatherproofing, resistance to leaks, and energy efficiency.

shows building with no siding filled with insulation

Energy Efficiency

  • Standard R-19 Wall Insulation with higher R-values available.
  • Standard R-24 Ceiling Insulation with higher R-values available.
  • Steel floors are insulated with R-30 blown-in cellulose.
  • All buildings have a thermal break between exterior sheeting & building framework.
  • Vapor Barrier prevents outside air from entering the building interior.
  • High Efficiency HVAC/Heat Pump Systems have a minimum 11-SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio).
  • Interior and exterior LED Lighting is standard for all buildings.

Leak Resistance

  • Standard 2:12 roof pitch enables water run-off and snow shedding vs. a flat roof.
  • Standing Seam metal roofing systems use hidden fasteners leaving no roof penetrations exposed to the elements.
  • Roof panels are mechanically hemmed to prevent leaks.
  • Positive overlapping steel siding protects the building frame from the elements compared to “self-framing” or “interlocking panels” which rely on sealant for waterproofing.