With EMP hardened technology, your facilities are covered. Our buildings are designed to securely shield systems, instrumentation, and personnel from the impacts of electromagnetic pulses.

Trachte applies patent-pending EMP mitigation techniques and engineered EMP-resistant materials to all points of entry and building penetrations including entry doors, HVAC openings, cable tray, and conductors. We can retrofit EMP to existing concrete structures.

EMP hardened facilities feature:

  • Desired attenuation level of EMP protection for infrastructure and equipment.
  • Same dimensions, appearance, and structural properties as a standard Trachte building.
  • Same interior and exterior materials and finish options
  • EMP hardening is not visible from interior or exterior.
  • Shield layer is sandwiched between interior and exterior panels.
  • Compatible with Fire and Ballistic enhancements.

Trachte EMP-resistant buildings are factory and site tested in accordance with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) EMP testing methods.

Questions on our security options?

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