Professional Project Management & Support Start to Finish

Trachte® project management professionals are experts in planning, schedule control, project communications, documentation, drawing, submittal, approval management, procurement & production oversight, and shipping & site coordination. Trachte’s project managers and support staff provide customers with a predictable, efficient, high-quality project experience from initial kick-off to final acceptance.

Dedicated Team

Each Trachte building project has a dedicated team, led by an experienced project manager and a lead electrical designer. The project team also includes experienced, professional scheduling, design, engineering, drafting, electrical, procurement, manufacturing, shipping & site coordination, and specialized site services support personnel. This dedicated team applies their specific skill sets to the process and provide timely assistance to the project manager and lead electrical designer.

Trachte team member on computer

Complete, Accurate Scheduling

Trachte has a dedicated scheduling department supporting its project managers with experienced, professional schedulers, who are experts in the specific discipline of project and manufacturing scheduling. Customers are provided with complete, accurate, project schedules with key dates, component lead times, critical-path items, information deadlines, specific responsibilities, and deliverables, clearly laid out and defined. This allows customers to confidently anticipate, plan, allocate resources, and execute their civil, site, and related project work.

Supply Chain Management

Trachte’s professional supply chain management group is highly skilled, organized, and efficient in the sourcing and procuring of components, parts, materials, and services for Trachte projects. These sourcing professionals support project managers with bill of materials (BOM) management, component and subsystem procurement, inventory management, and much more. Trachte’s Supply Chain Team are experts in the tracking of goods on order and expediting critical path items to keep project and manufacturing schedules on track.

Shipping and Site Coordination

Trachte’s professional shipping and site coordination staff is experienced in the difficult and specialized skill of arranging, planning, permitting, staging, preparing, and loading modular, prefabricated enclosures and shipping sections onto specialized carriers for transportation to project job sites. Trachte works with experienced specialty transport companies and qualified, over-the road-contractors with the equipment required to successfully move oversized, permitted loads from Trachte’s factories to customer job sites.