Trachte buildings are expandable at the end walls, which gives clients the ability to plan for convenient, fast, and economical future expansion. Trachte’s built-in expandability can save clients’ money, both in the initial cost for a smaller building, and by lowering the continuous operating costs incurred heating, cooling, and ventilating an unnecessarily large building for the entire time the building is in service.

building expandability diagram shown animated as gif image
  • Existing buildings can be expanded by removing the end walls.
  • Save initial construction and operating costs by purchasing a smaller building and adding on later.
  • Add on to an existing building and keep the original end walls as a partition between two rooms.
  • Previous end wall that become partitions can be re-finished with liner panel on both sides.
  • Fire-Resistant Construction can be added to the previous exterior end wall such as for battery systems.
  • We can add or remove doors as needed per the new configuration.
  • Cable tray, wireway, and wiring can be preconfigured for easy electrical service connection to the existing building/section for fast and convenient building expansion.