At Trachte, we strive to provide the most efficient structure for our customer’s needs. Trachte collaborates with outside sources including a 3rd party certification agency of manufactured structures, an energy consulting company, and professional structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineers to deliver the highest quality building of its kind.

We use a 3rd party agency when submitting for state approval and to perform all inspections for Trachte buildings when required. Our 3rd party agency certifies that each building complies with product standards, regulations, or codes. At Trachte, we take pride in delivering the most structurally sound, efficient, and up to code buildings per our customer’s final site location.

State Approval Process

Trachte designs each building, at a minimum, to the structural design load requirements for the state it will be placed in. Trachte provides stamping by a professional engineer (P.E.) when required for state approval. Trachte is licensed in all states that have a state modular building approval program.

  • 34 of 50 States require modular buildings to obtain state approval.
  • Timeframes for state approval range from 1 week to 20+ weeks depending on the state.
  • All Trachte buildings, regardless of state approval requirements, will obtain professionally engineered and stamped structural drawings and calculations.
  • Buildings that require state approval will also have an inspection done at Trachte performed by our 3rd party agency.
  • In addition to the inspection, the building will have state labels, 3rd party building certification labels, and a data plate adhered to the interior or exterior of the building before it leaves our facility.