Trachte Site Services

Our professional shipping and site coordination team handles the planning, permitting, staging, preparing, and loading of all Trachte buildings.

Our team coordinates with experienced transportation experts and qualified over-the-road contractors to ensure oversized loads are handled with the right specialized equipment and experience to transport them safely and efficiently.

Trachte site services can include:

  • Crane service
  • Rigging
  • Off-loading
  • Setting & anchoring buildings
  • Reconnecting and weatherproofing shipping-splits
  • Reattaching items removed for shipping.
  • Adjusting detailing & dressing-out Trachte buildings.
setting a Trachte building

Trachte Site Supervision (Technician Only)

For clients supplying their own crane, rigging, off-loading, setting & anchoring services, and site labor, Trachte can provide a (non-working) site technician to oversee and supervise the installation by Others. Utilizing an Optional Trachte Site Supervisor also allows Trachte to provide a full warranty (when a building is installed by a non-Trachte team).

Trachte Warranty Service

Trachte’s Service Group employs qualified, factory-trained personnel who provide prompt warranty service, building adjustments, and repairs for issues that may develop during the warranty period. Please see Trachte warranty page here.

Field Services and Repairs

Trachte’s experienced site crews and technicians support customers with onsite, after-warranty service and repairs. Please contact Trachte’s Service Department to schedule a building technician visit or with any service-related questions.

Building Additions & Retrofits

Trachte prefabricated buildings are designed and constructed with expandability and can be extended in the length dimension on either end wall. Trachte’s Sales & Design Departments collaborate with clients to understand their building expansion needs and then design and produce a prefabricated, modular addition, specifically for their project.

Trachte’s Field Service Team will make the required modifications to the existing building and then install the new prefabricated expansion section in an efficient and seamless transition process requiring minimal on-site time and capital. Please contact Trachte Sales with inquires regarding expanding an existing Trachte building.