Trachte® provides pre-manufactured, expandable buildings to the Military, Federal Agencies and state and local governments.

Trachte® prefabricated, expandable buildings and integrated packages typically have the electrical & mechanical equipment preinstalled, interconnected, and tested prior to shipping for tremendous project management, schedule efficiency, and quality control.

Trachte T-RAMS® panelized buildings are designed and engineered to be shipped in standard shipping containers and quickly installed anywhere in the world to house critical equipment and systems.


  • Communication Centers
  • Operations and Maintenance Buildings
  • Storage Buildings
  • Emergency Radio Networks
  • F.A.A. Airport Equipment
  • Critical Battery Systems
  • Generators
  • SCADA Systems
  • Modular Medical Facilities
  • Integrated Packages
  • Power Distribution Centers
Trachte building for power grid


Benefits of Trachte® prefabricated control buildings include accelerated project schedules with accurate delivery & completion dates, reduced engineering and procurement costs, factory installation, assembly, integration & interconnection of switchgear, electrical or mechanical equipment and pre-shipment, factory quality-control, witness & factory acceptance testing (FAT), and minimal time on-site.