Special Buildings and Applications

Trachte produces buildings with non-standard ceiling heights and dimensions, hybrid construction, exterior appearances and finishes, and other custom features for special projects, applications, and difficult sites.

Alternate Building Designs:

  • Taller Ceilings
  • Non-Standard Buildings Size or Configuration
  • Non-Standard Shipping Splits
  • Fork-lift Portable Buildings
  • Hybrid-Pre-assembled/Panelized
brick building specialty

Trachte buildings are available with alternate exterior finishes for projects that need to meet zoning requirements or other special applications.

Alternate Exteriors:

  • Thin set Brick
  • Aggregate panel
  • Split face block
  • Stucco

Alternate Roof Designs:

  • Standing seam
  • Hip roof
  • Mansard roof
  • Combination designs


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