New E-House for a Boston-based Medical Center

(C) 2020 Trachte LLC

A world-class academic medical center based in Boston, Massachusetts, partnered with a major electrical equipment manufacturer to upgrade existing electrical equipment. The major driver for the upgrade was due to the rapid expansion of state-of-the-art treatment and technologies needed for families and in-patient care. In 2019, the hospital assembled a construction team to partner with an architectural committee and the hospital board to upgrade the electrical switchgear for a more reliable, robust solution with a new integrated switchgear solution to replace the aging infrastructure.

Application Notes

  • Prewired Integrated E-house, with all switchgear factory tested prior to site installation.
  • Dimensions 26′-0″ x 66′-0″ x 11′-3″; shipped in two sections and connected onsite.
  • Foundation: Rooftop mounted; steel support frame installed on site and coordinated with the E-house installation.
  • Incoming Power Sources: two feeds rated at 13.8KV, 1200A, 3├ś, 3W, 40KAIC.
(C) 2020 Trachte LLC


As a critical partner on the design-build team, Trachte developed a comprehensive solution to integrate equipment, in tandem with the switchgear manufacturer. The E-house contained factory installed and tested switchgear to meet the critical power needs the hospital faced today, while accounting for planned future expansion. The custom engineered solution also met strict aesthetic requirements and detailed standards of the architectural committee. Trachte worked with the architectural committee to select an engineered siding that blended with the urban landscape without compromising the structural requirements of the rooftop application. The installation crew successfully navigated the complexities of an active hospital work site in order to install the building on a rooftop while minimizing distractions to patient care. Just like their patients trust the hospital to provide critical care, the hospital trusted Trachte to deliver a critical engineered solution for the future of their power delivery.