Hyperscale Data Center for a Major Social Media Corporation

A major switchgear manufacturer approached Trachte to collaborate on a hyperscale data center solution for a popular social media company after Trachte exceeded expectations on two previous projects for the same client. The social media company wanted to assemble an exclusive design team to collaborate on a standard for manufacturing drawings and specifications for their proposed $750 million data center projects in strategic locations across the U.S. Because of Trachte’s expertise and relationship with the switchgear manufacturer, we were invited to lead the team and develop practical designs that could be replicated and scaled for growth across the country.


  • Industry: Data Centers
  • Building Dimensions: 20’ x 57′ x 12′-3″
  • Incoming Power: 13.8kV-13.2V Main-Tie-Main Switchgear
  • Integrate multiple utility feeds to avoid outages
  • Portable power connection points for emergency power
  • Complex system equipment including communications, building management system (BMS), data monitoring, security, and DC battery control systems


Trachte helped compress the project schedule by performing traditional site roles in a controlled factory environment with the oversight of a robust quality management system. Trachte coordinated with multiple equipment manufacturers including switchgear, protective relay, data logging and communications, BMS, Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems (SCADA). We provided portable power connections for external battery backup and generator, and an onboard UPS to prevent local outages. This collaboration allowed Trachte to build a stronger bond with all members of the design team. During the Factory Witness Test, the owner-representative said that the relationship between Trachte and the switchgear manufacturer was so strong, he was unaware that we were two separate companies.