July 2023 Employee Spotlight

Zack Kooi, CAD Administrator | Since February 2023

The CAD Department’s role at Trachte is to prepare detailed drawings using SolidWorks, ensure each project meets Trachte design and engineering standards, and work with the Project Management team on customer revisions.

Zack Kooi joined the Trachte Team in May 2022 as a CAD Designer. He was promoted quickly to CAD Administrator in February of this year. “Everyday varies. I get to work with multiple departments, handle redlines and op 30 questions.” Part of Zack’s day also includes creating and maintaining a detailed library for customer drawings and working to improve quality and flow in the Trachte drawing set.

Outside of Trachte, Zack enjoys botany and gardening, and exploring botanical gardens, arboretums, and zoos. “I enjoy growing my own food and being outside in nature. I also have a small 3D printing shop in my basement with a total of 6 machines.”